Luffy learns a new technique to hit Kaido!

In the Wa no Kuni arc, Straw Hat Luffy and his friends have to face the terrible Kaido. Given the Emperor’s excessive power, Luffy is forced to learn a new technique.

Warning: the manga has an advance in the anime. This article is aimed at viewers of the animated series.

An essential technique

The Wa no Kuni arch was eagerly awaited by fans for good reason. As a regular reader of the manga, we dedicated an article to this arch in March 2020 in which we set out the five reasons that make it an extraordinary arch.

After the narrow escape from Big Mom, the Straw Hat crew and their allies are in Wao Land, the land of the samurai. The promised confrontation between Luffy and Kaido will finally take place. From its inception, the emperor has been touted as “the most powerful creature in the world”. And we can say that the emperor did not steal his reputation as he sent Luffy to the mat in record time at the start of the Wa no Kuni arc …

Luffy is thrown in jail and left in the good care of one of Kaido’s lieutenants, the formidable queen, who rules the prisoners entrusted to him as the perfect tyrant. But Luffy is far from being impressed and ripped off, and he’s determined to take advantage of this new event to train.

Fortunately for our hero, chance plays in his favor, as is often the case with manga and anime. Indeed, Luffy meets Hyogoro the Flowered, a tiny old man who turns out to be the former leader of the yakuza of Wa no Kuni. The latter offers Luffy to teach him a very advanced form of weapon haki.

As a reminder, the haki of the weapon makes it possible to create an invisible armor that makes it possible to make the blows stronger and even touch the holders of devil fruits, even of the Logia type. The most advanced form of haki weapons make it possible to repel attacks with invisible armor without coming into contact.

An essential technique if Luffy wants to become the pirate master!

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