Lucifer is back on Netflix: don’t forget all the revelations from the last episode


Lucifer is back on Netflix: don’t forget all the revelations from the last episode

With these eight episodes, the fifth and penultimate season is completed. They are all available on the streaming platform.

“Lucifer” is back.

“Lucifer” fans have been waiting longingly for the second half of the fifth (and penultimate) season of the series since the end of August. This Friday, May 28th, the time has come: There are eight new episodes to be seen on Netflix.

The story continues immediately after the events – and the revelations – before the mid-season break. God is omnipresent, but he is in Los Angeles, which will obviously shape the narrative of “Lucifer” a lot.

Before looking at the new chapters in history, it is best to remember some important dates. The last time we saw this group of characters, Lucifer and Chloe had finally gotten together, which was certainly satisfying for many fans who have been waiting for this moment for some time.

So, let’s get to the shocking revelations. Amenadiel discovered that his son is human. Linda found the daughter she put up for adoption a few years ago – who works as a property seller in Los Angeles. Ella found out she was dating a serial killer. And Dan realized that he had been working with the devil for years.

Halfway through, Lucifer’s evil twin convinced Michael Dan to shoot him to save his soul – but the protagonist chased the bullets away, because he is there, he cannot be harmed by material possessions. Maze began a search for his soul and allied with Michael against Lucifer. After all, Lucifer lied to keep his mother’s immortality forever in the ring he wears on his finger every day.

In the midst of all these chaotic events, God Himself – played by Dennis Haysbert – stepped in. With Dad in Los Angeles, all of his children promise to respond in one way or another.

The ninth episode of season five – which is the first of the new ones – will feature a lively family dinner with God and His troubled children (among other family members). It is the main event in the comprehensive storytelling.

As always, however, each episode contains a murder case that Lucifer helps solve. The first chapter of this second half of the season takes place in the Kingdom, an amusement park owned by the Peterson family.

The victim, burned and beaten, is Chris Peterson, one of the family’s grown children. Lucifer quickly projects his brotherhood problems onto this earthly family – since Chris’ brothers are among the suspects of the crime.

Though they insist on being a close, close-knit family, the Petersons’ rival Juan – who runs another amusement park called Hole in Juan – reveals that Chris asked him for a job at his company, leading to problems and disputes in the family suggests business. .

After this revelation, the various members of the Peterson family begin to accuse one another. Until one of them is arrested after confessing to the murder. But by the end of the episode, we’ll find out that that’s not entirely the truth.

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