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Low price for this 32GB DDR4 Laptop Pack (SODIMM)

Crucial is a very good brand and the latter offers powerful internal storage in SSD (SATA / NVMe M.2) but also memory modules. Today we have a great promotion for 32GB DDR4 Laptop Kit (SODIMM).

Crucial Kit: 32GB DDR4 to boost your PC

Memory for laptops is always a little more expensive than for desktop PCs and kits are rarely available, which is why we offer you 32 GB in Crucial DDR4.

Regarding the specifications of this kit, we are therefore dependent on two bars of 16 GB each worth 159.99 euros on the Crucial Store, but you can order it HERE for 95.99 euros.

Speed: DDR4-2666PC Speed: PC4-21300CAS Latency: 19 Extended Timings: 19 – 19 – 19 Voltage: 1.2 volts

What is interesting about this kit is the lifetime warranty, which means that in the event of a malfunction, the manufacturer is responsible for replacement.

If it’s a fixed PC, just go to this other good plan.

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