“Love It or List It”: There’s nothing like watching a show about millionaire problems

“Love It or List It”: There’s nothing like watching a show about millionaire problems

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the reality show that can be seen in Portugal on SIC Mulher.

It can be seen at SIC Mulher.

There is nothing like watching a reality show with millionaire problems to solve the little problems we ordinary mortals have. Are you bored of being closed at home and following the online classes and kids’ free time in addition to your own work schedule? Yes, but that is nothing compared to the real dilemmas faced by couples participating in the Love it or List it: Vacation Homes program.

In this program, which can be seen in SIC Mulher in Portugal, we get to know each episode with a few problems from the first world. What to do: renovate and keep your vacation home or sell and buy a new one. If it were, I would always choose the new house. Only those who have never worked at home would decide to renovate. Doing work means living in hell for months.

First, because the deadline set by the builder for completion is never met. A contractor who meets a deadline will likely see Luís de Matos in white too. According to this, construction workers are worse than seamen during the war. They go to our house once, they make holes and we only see them again, who knows when. You remind me of that character from a Brazilian soap opera who smoked a cigarette and never came back. Not to mention the neighbors who hate us forever after the endeavor and wear high heels at two in the morning just to get revenge.

So, I’m telling you, it must be really hard to stand in the shoes of these wealthy owners. To make this tedious task easier, the program offers help from moderators Elisa Goldhawke and Dan Vickery. He is an interior designer and responsible for the renovation. She is a real estate developer and has the task of finding a new holiday home. That is, they are opponents in this house game.

In the last episode I saw the vacation rental was just a chalet in Whistler Blackcomb, one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. Chris and Rhonda are very upset because their – I repeat – ski chalet is no longer what it was. The laundry room is full of ski equipment. The master suite has no bathroom. The closet is small. Anyway, a tragedy no one deserves to live. “We have to deal with that, and I’m done. I want to throw a grenade and run away, ”complains Rhonda. Of course, Rhonda probably doesn’t even dream that even after throwing a grenade into her cabin, it would remain a more expensive place to live than most people in the world could afford.

In this case, the valuation of the chalet was $ 1.1 million, with the value the couple must purchase for a new chalet in the same resort being 1.5 million.

The decorator put aside the most radical renovation solution for the garnet and began work. Of course, as always, in all programs like this one, the master of the works ran into unexpected problems. In this case it was a rotten pipe, which increases the originally intended cost. And this is where the first big question arises. The millions aren’t enough for everything, so you have to make a choice: build a terrace or remodel the toilet for guests.

With the couple unable to reach consensus, the solution chosen was to toss a coin in the air. Perhaps the grenade could have worked here: if you are the last to hold the grenade, you lose. But no, they decided to go with the coin beforehand and in the end it broke away from the crown, which means they won the terrace.

Meanwhile, Elisa walks through the snow looking for the ideal home to present to the couple as an alternative to the already complicated renovation. After visiting three chalets with the properties they were looking for, the couple will still know what renovations have been done to their current home in order to make the big decision.

The big problem is that the renovation added market value and as a result, not only did they have a better home, but they also had more money to invest in a new home. And now? Do you love it or do you list it? It was tough, but after much indecision, the couple made the difficult decision of selling their old house and moving to a new one with 282 square feet and mountain views. There really are stepmother lives. Now I’m leaving because I still have to throw a grenade in the air to decide whether to make steaks with rice or spaghetti.

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