Love is Blind Season 3 is finally happening. Check the Complete Details Here

Netflix has a knack for recognizing when a show is a smash. Love Is Blind, on the other hand, is a hit. While we still weep inside when we think about all the excellent original shows that never got a season two or series finale, that won’t be the case with Love Is Blind, the network’s famous reality dating show. After a fantastic first season of pure binge-worthy drama, the streaming service stated that seasons two and three get released in 2020.

The second broadcast earlier this month ended on February 25. So here’s hoping season three isn’t as long as season two. To be clear, it is still happening—it has to get cast, and filming has to get completed.

When will the third season of Love Be Blind premiere?

We don’t have a guaranteed debut date at this time. However, the release date in 2023 or perhaps late-2022 (fingers crossed) isn’t out of the question, especially now that COVID filming limitations have to get loosened due to rising vaccination rates.

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That is just guesswork, but a debut in late 2022 is possible: Vanessa Lachey, who co-hosts the show with her husband, Nick Lachey, claimed in an interview that season two and three of the show began filming at the same time. 

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What can we look forward to in the third season?

The idea of the program will stay virtually the same: couples will date in pods without seeing each other, to marry in the end. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, waiting to see who will end up with whom.

Who is in the third season of Love Is Blind’s cast?

There’s no formal cast announcement yet, but there’s a lot of pressure on Love Is Blind to diversify its competitors, not just in terms of ethnic origins. But also in terms of physical size. Each season’s cast is determined by who lives in the city where the show gets shot. Season one took place in Atlanta, and season two took place in Chicago. There’s no word yet on where Season 3 will get taped.

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