“Love Happens”: Why do couples always have to have visitors?

“Love Happens”: Why do couples always have to have visitors?

The chronicler and humorist Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the TVI show.

Love is hard enough when we put two strangers in one house for only three days, surrounded by movie cameras. As if that wasn’t enough, things get even more complicated when a visitor arrives every five minutes to sail to the couple. Mothers, brothers, cousins, friends, even dogs have already been invited to take part in the program.

Now only ex-girlfriends have to show up to help the future relationship: “Look, Cátia, Reuben and I were very happy, we just ended up because he’s a narcissistic sociopath who teamed up with my cousin afterwards.” Left alone at the door of an abortion clinic. But for the rest, I think you have what you need to work your way out. Strength in it. “

For me, the best couple by far remains Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Pedro Teixeira. They are favorites and look like a breath of fresh air, amidst braces and hideous tattoos. But while they don’t choose to go to Casa da Praia together, here are my thoughts on the other couples.

Casa do Campo – Maria João and Júlio

“Do you smoke?” Asks Júlio, shocked, as if Maria João had just confessed that she was a cannibal. Júlio has never been out with a person who smokes and so this revelation left him on his feet. Without being aware of her dissatisfaction, Maria João quietly continued to smoke until Júlio announced after 24 hours that he would not continue.

“There was no clicking,” he explains. And Maria João adds: “I like to go out in the evening, eat and drink and you introduce me to a medal-winning marathon runner!” suspicious.

Mill – Nair and Hélder

Nair took a poker bag to the mill and taught Hélder to play. The next day, Hélder said that he would be playing in the casino when he left. We can say that Hélder found a new love for poker because there wasn’t a great bond with his roommate.

The couple received a friend of Hélder’s, who upheld this verdict after dinner. “It could happen, but I didn’t feel any chemistry.” Nair enjoyed the night very much, but went to sleep. Hélder, on the other hand, went to have a sandwich and “take the opportunity to think a little”. I was probably wondering why Nair “folded” and if she would ever find someone to “go along with it”.

Casa da Serra – Rute and Luis

Rute and Luis created a certain intimacy during the three days they were at Casa da Serra. “The physical closeness is getting bigger and bigger,” says Luís to the cameras. Yes, without a doubt, especially when Ruth hits and kicks him like he’s a kickboxing exercise bag.

At the weekly meeting, where they get together to comment on the experience, the couple receives another visit – they don’t even leave them alone – from Ruth’s brother and her mother. Pedro Teixeira tells Rute’s brother whether he would like to ask Luís questions: “Goals in life ?!” the brother asks hastily, in an interrogation tone from the police. Hell, all that was left was to ask him about his gross annual income and ask him about the results of the latest blood tests.

Casa da Praia – Isabel and Abel

Isabel and Abel already knew each other because they were taking the same dance class. They have friends in common, and that prior contact has increased participation. Things seem to be in full swing and the moments they dance kizomba add to the intimacy.

This, of course, if they are not interrupted by the arrival of someone like Isabel’s friend or her mother. The lady appeared at Casa da Praia with a set of Tupperware and explained that they contained the mousse made by Abel’s mother.

“Your mother did everything to be here, but she couldn’t,” says Ruth’s mother ruefully. Isabel was sad for Abel, too, but it was a lie, after all, and the boy’s mother was only there to attend lunch and take the opportunity to ask Isabel to give presents to her triplet grandchildren. No pressure. I think after that lunch, Isabel would have preferred Abel’s ex-girlfriend to have been invited.

Since you are here, click on the gallery to see the new entrants to “O Amor Happens”.

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