“Love Happens”: These are the four new couples – with several repeat members

“Love Happens”: These are the four new couples – with several repeat members

They were featured on the latest episode of TVI’s reality show this Sunday, August 22nd.

Ana Catarina returned to the program to meet a new participant.

Every week is like that. Eight new competitors, who form four pairs, will be presented on Sunday in “O Amor Happens”. They have the opportunity to be together for a week and see if they are able to start a relationship – or if it is better to forget about this idea.

In addition to the big Sunday shows, there are episodes on TVI in the late afternoon every day from 7:10 p.m. Viewers can follow the lives of their colleagues throughout the week – the production selects the best moments, which are then analyzed by a panel of commentators.

There is one big difference this week, however. The program’s production team decided to give a couple who had just finished their week – consisting of participants Raquel and José – the opportunity to see in a few days whether it went really well and whether they wanted to be together. And there is one more competitor who is returning to take part in the reality show.

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Click on the gallery to get to know the new competitors.

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