“Love Happens” could mean “Love is bullshit and I’m staying for auntie”


“Love Happens” could mean “Love is bullshit and I’m staying for auntie”

NiT comedian and columnist Miguel Lambertini analyzes another episode of the new TVI show.

Last week we were all enchanted by the romance between Ide and Jorge and we almost came to believe that love really does happen. Of course, Jorge was already in Goucha three days later and told him that Ide had the profile of a sex offender and that he never wanted to hear from him again after the show.

It is extraordinary how such formats, which try to prove that it is possible to find love on a television show, so clearly demonstrate the exact opposite. And the problem, as I see it, is dealing with expectations because couples are under tremendous pressure to try to make this arrangement work and that’s half the disaster, of course.

So it seems to me that this format only works if they are doing something else where the participants have no expectations of finding love. Here are some suggestions for formats that I think might be a success, such as “Love is bullshit and I’m sticking with Aunt / O”, “Completely incompatible at first sight” or “Nobody wants to date you, you Matarua with the smell of Bettum ”.

It is a classic love story, two people from opposing universes with circumstances that drive them apart, but these are exactly their points of attraction: Princess Leia and Han Solo, in “Star Wars”, the professor and Raquel from “La Casa de Papel”, or more recently Luís Filipe Vieira and Pinto da Costa, a simple and guaranteed formula that inevitably ends up in sentences like “I hate you dead… I hope TVI fondly thinks of this idea, but until then, here is a summary of what was in yesterday Episode happened.

Country house – Sofia and Miguel

After a night when Sofia interrogated Miguel without being able to get the confession she wanted, the atmosphere became a bit heavy and so the couple went to feed the bouquet that morning. Nothing beats a bird that sticks its head in the ground to settle a dispute. Back at home, a friend visited Miguel who sums up his personality as follows: “We can say that Miguel is a boy”. With friends like that… Sofia thinks that Miguel was dating someone shortly before his experience and that he’s not being completely honest.

Miguel wanted to prove otherwise, and on the last evening at the country house he made strict appointments and gave everything to “try to make the party” but Sofia just wanted him to let her finish her dinner. The next day, Sofia explains that she tried to relax a little but couldn’t. Of course he couldn’t, the girl analyzed Miguel’s behavior better than a NASA computer on the day it started. I only saw small sections and got tired. “Oh man, that’s boring,” says Marlene and listens to the couple’s comment in the decision room. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Mill – João and Inês

Inês has a music lover past and João plays the accordion. Hence the production thought this pair would be a perfect match. Only not. “If I walked past you on the street, would you look at me?” asks João, Inês replies: “To be honest, I don’t think so.” It’s an interaction that basically sums up the tremendous chemistry that has taken place between this couple.

“My favorite band is Pearl Jam,” says Inês, to which João replies with “totally unknown”, as if she had spoken of a New Zealand band from the 60s. Okay, not everyone needs to know who Pearl Jam are, but then trying to enchant Inês with an accordion version of “Rosa rounds a skirt” is a bit too much.

Casa da Serra – Helena and Alexandre

Helena was happy and there were even moments when she forgot to be on a TV show. Because of her, the experience went from wind to wind, the problem is that Alexandre was not on the same wavelength and he wore his Rinchoa Bruce Willis style sleeveless t-shirt to convey that to him. After three days, Alexander decided that he didn’t want to continue. “I needed certain stimuli in order to flow,” she explains, while Helena tries to understand what these stimuli are and where they should flow. “I think you reflect in me what you couldn’t show,” counters Helena and admitted, even on her own, sadly: “Helena, you scare men”. I think that’s an exaggeration, although in my case I admit it’s true because if there’s one thing I’m afraid of, it is hearing someone say, “You did it” instead of “You did it” .

Casa da Praia – Marlene and Hugo

Hugo was not what Marlene had imagined, but after a few days living together revealed charms that were hidden at first glance. The couple got a visit from a friend of Marlene’s, who praised Hugo so much that even I thought he was a good catch.

But then it occurred to me that I was already married. “Listen, Hugo is marriage material,” says Tânia, very excited about the romance that could develop between her friend and this stranger. The couple has betrayed some chemistry in the last few days and already at the decision-making ceremony they introduced themselves with great complicity. The friend Tânia reappeared to further praise Hugo in a moment that looked like telesales: “Hugo cooks, Hugo serves, Hugo washes …” for the price you see on the screen! “Marlene seemed convinced, Now just hope that she doesn’t return Hugo within 30 days.