Lourenço Ortigão is the new employee of SIC

Lourenço Ortigão is the new employee of SIC

After leaving TVI after 12 years of work, the actor will join the rival channel’s fiction.

After TVI, a new life at SIC.

On July 1st it was official, Lourenço Ortigão ended his contract with TVI. “We are here to announce that the exclusive contractual relationship that actor Lourenço Ortigão had with TVI for 12 years in a row ends today, July 1st, 2021. said the Queluz Canal in a statement. Almost a month after this news it is clear that the actor is the newest addition to SIC.

Official confirmation will come this Monday morning, August 9th, on the channel the actor was supposed to be attending. Ortigão will be part of SIC’s fiction and one of his first roles will be in the series “O Clube” on the streaming service Opto.

The actor’s latest project on TVI was the six-part miniseries “Sin”, which has no release date yet, but could be released at the end of summer. At RTP1 he had a supporting role in the series “Until Life Separates Us”.

After “Morangos com Açúcar”, the actor joined several TVI projects, such as “Belmonte”, “A Única Mulher”, “A Hedeira” or “Prisioneira”; the most recent will be displayed.

Read NiT’s recent interview with Lourenço Ortigão, in which the actor talked about exploring new and different projects – including series for RTP that he has already participated in – and about ambition to pursue an international career.

“I don’t have any clubs, we say. I am and be what God wants. No pressure, let’s see what comes out of it, ”he told NiT at the end of June.

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