Looking for a way to escape? There is an island where all wishes can come true


There is an island where all your wishes can come true

“Fantasy Island” returns 40 years later and is slated to premiere on January 10th on AXN White.

Roselyn Sánchez (right) is the protagonist

Who has never dreamed of bathing in a fountain of eternal youth and escaping old age or eating whatever one likes without gaining a single pound? There are wishes that live in the imagination and they could be unbelievably fulfilled, even more if we could do this on a paradise island. Many brands encourage these fantasies with wondrous skin creams, magical foods or extreme experiences that defy nature – it is important to convey a feeling of invincibility and exclusivity.

However, many of these deep desires are not what everyone really needs. This is one of the great lessons of the “Fantasy Island” series, which, after its success in the 70s, is now being continued at AXN White. “- was the iconic Mr. Roarke, today the production arrives with a more modern look, but the Keeping connections with the past.

“Fantasy Island” opens on January 10th and now has a woman to host the island paradise in the middle of the Pacific, where all dreams can come true. Elena Roarke, played by the also Latino Roselyn Sánchez, continues the story, whereby the existence of a family relationship with the former concierge is certain.

In this sequel, the neurobiology student doesn’t initially want to be responsible for managing the heavenly place, but her family inheritance leads her to leave New York and accept her fiancé to take on the challenge. Elena also follows Mr. Roarke’s tradition of always wearing white, another connecting detail between the two series.

Modernized, but with the same concept, the fulfillment of all guests’ dreams and wishes remains the goal in “Fantasy Island”, now with the style and innovation of the 21st century. However, what guests take away from the island was not always exactly what they expected.

The fantastic secondary characteristic of the original concept is retained in this production by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. There will be no lack of elements such as a fountain of youth or a mysterious butler with a gloomy presence. The first episode begins with several dramatic situations when a television presenter is publicly humiliated. To recover from the trauma, the woman decides to travel far away and retreat to Fantasy Island. What happens next is a surprise. The cast of “Fantasy Island” also includes names like Kiara Barnes and John Gabriel Rodriguez.

In 2020 the original story was adapted for the film. The film functions as a kind of prequel, which, unlike the television production, was called a horror / thriller. Although it was a blockbuster in the US, it was one of the nominees for the Razzies (worst film production awards) that year.