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Logan Paul meets Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, best reactions (20 tweets)

Youtubeur Logan Paul causes enthusiasm again. After starting a challenge on Twitter, he finds himself in a boxing ring against champion Floyd Mayweather. An unbalanced fight that is already generating a lot of reactions on social networks.

A totally unbalanced fight

Last week, Jake Paul was heavily criticized on social media after his party in full custody. Today it is his brother Logan Paul who is making the headlines on social networks. The Youtubeur is regularly mentioned for his controversial videos and his various provocations. We particularly remember his video where he went to the suicide forest in Japan and where he filmed a corpse. The provocation was his goodwill. Last August, he called on Twitter to offer $ 10,000 to the person who can beat him in a single fight.

French YouTuber IbraTV responded to that call, but in the end Logan Paul found an even tougher opponent. The Youtuber will compete against Floyd Mayweather, a retired boxing champion known as a true bully. A completely unbalanced fight, but one that will take place on February 20th, 2021. Floyd Mayweather announced it himself on social networks.

As you can imagine, this fight in which Logan Paul is at risk of being split in two is getting huge reactions on social networks. Here are the best tweets about the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight.


Summarize the Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight: pic.twitter.com/D5YKR5lTgv

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul’s technical training for the fight against Mayweather pic.twitter.com/OQZ19U6pMV

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul when he got Mayweather’s acceptance call when it was a joke pic.twitter.com/0H0TAdxJI6

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul after a single potato from Floyd Mayweather pic.twitter.com/So3FuPwjis

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul’s team when they saw Mayweather accepted the fight: pic.twitter.com/MShOOYoZSH

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul the day before the fight pic.twitter.com/prdbYsDbki

December 7, 2020


Mayweather at the start of the fight with Logan Paul pic.twitter.com/2LRYO15Tc6

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul versus IbraTV
Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather

I see the situation the same way pic.twitter.com/x5n1zGwOXA

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul during the fight against Floyd: pic.twitter.com/9B3rKVkYYK

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul realizes the big mistake he just made pic.twitter.com/n6UhpSbKOz

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul his only chance to master Kung Fu. pic.twitter.com/sbFfAKWfBG

December 7, 2020


Mdr I imagine the fight between Logan Paul and Mayweather like this pic.twitter.com/skS0KeLfLH

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul after accepting the fight pic.twitter.com/Sakd7a5kok

December 7, 2020


Nobody :

Absolutely nobody:

Logan Paul accepting Mayweather’s fight pic.twitter.com/em8JLJDbLp

December 7, 2020


* Logan Paul who will turn down the fight *
Why did you refuse the fight?
Logan Paul: pic.twitter.com/7BdzMvC3Lo

December 7, 2020


Mayweather from the beginning of the fight against Logan Paul pic.twitter.com/PfJ1xQN29H

December 7, 2020


I wake up to see Logan Paul versus Mayweather. We know who’s going to win, but we can’t take Logan for having courage

December 7, 2020


If I were Logan Paul I would walk to my notary just to finish 2/3 of the papers

December 7, 2020


I saw Logan Paul go up against Mayweather in February, lol we’ll be laughing

December 7, 2020


Logan Paul after a potato from Floyd Mayweather pic.twitter.com/dxcaw1MaJo

December 7, 2020


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