Logan Paul and his brother provoke Floyd Mayweather, press conference escalates (video)


As the boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather approaches, the press conference at which the two opponents come together has taken a funny turn after Logan provoked Paul’s brother again.

The provocation of too much

We told you about it last December: Famed videographer Logan Paul will soon be competing against boxing champ Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match scheduled for June 6, 2021. A highly anticipated match, both from boxing fans and the curious who would love to see it.The YouTubers were used to provocations being humiliated.

A month after the date of the boxing match, Paul and Mayweather organized a press conference that was clearly very tense. Logan Paul enjoyed making fun of the age of Floyd Mayweather, the retired boxing champion. 44-year-old Floyd Mayweather was referred to as a “grandfather” by Logan Paul, who gave him misguided advice: “You’re old, withdraw.”

But the press conference took an unexpected turn when Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, stole Mayweather’s hat and started a brawl, as you can see in the video below.

Jake Paul wanted to shoot the scene and then let it be shared on his social networks. However, we note that the video is cut off as it shows Jake Paul mocking the boxing champ (“I have your hat”) before he is mastered.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for boxers to provoke themselves in this way. This helps build up tension before the game, making it an event. Even so, this sequence reminds us how much Logan and Jake Paul are ready to go far in their provocations.

As a reminder, the two brothers are not immediately provocative. In 2018, Logan Paul posted a video on his channel showing the body of a man who committed suicide in a forest in Japan. A few weeks later, the videographer and his brother had fun groping rats in front of the camera.