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Lockdown will be extended – No relaxation during Easter | Free press

The dark winter months are over – and the corona pandemic is still not over. On the contrary. This destroys any hope that the lockdown will end soon.

Berlin (dpa) – Given the increasing number of corona infections, the lockdown in Germany will be extended until April 18.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states have decided on this during their new Corona meeting, the German news agency has learned from various sources.

A final decision on future measures is still pending. According to the concept of a decision note for the videoconference starting in the afternoon, a consistent implementation of the emergency brake decided at the beginning of March should be discussed even at high incidence rates. The document was available to the German news agency from various sources. Many points are still in square brackets, so there is no consensus yet.

The emergency brake decided on March 3 states that if the incidence of more than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants remains stable within seven days, the initial relaxation of the past weeks will be reversed. Numerous regions in Germany are already above this limit, but in many cases there is still no trade. Also on the table was the suggestion of stricter contact restrictions or nighttime exit restrictions in regions with an incidence of more than 100.

The strict contact rules should not be relaxed for visiting relatives at Easter. Prior to the deliberations, there was a slight relaxation of the contact rules at Easter and the admission of relatives to visit. Specifically, there was a proposal to allow meetings with four people outside their own household plus children up to 14 years old from the nearest family circle.

Also in square brackets is the suggestion to close schools and day-care centers or not open them at all, provided that educators, teachers and students or supervised children cannot be tested twice a week. From 200 incidents, schools and day-care centers could also be closed, although this would happen “a few days in advance”, “so that families can get used to it”.

Regarding the situation in retirement and care institutions, the newspaper states that “there is now the expectation of a normalization of the long-standing tense situation”, after residents and employees have been given priority over vaccination. Because it is still uncertain to what extent vaccination precludes the possibility of vaccinated people infecting others, hygiene and testing concepts must be consistently implemented. At the same time, two weeks after the second vaccination, the options to visit facilities without a corona outbreak could be expanded again and general group offers could be made again. Both unvaccinated and new residents should receive a vaccination offer quickly.

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