Little Robert 2022 is full of new words and integrates this legend of the manga


For once, a collection of new words has joined the already full arsenal of our dear French language. Just yesterday the famous Le Petit Robert dictionary unveiled its list of words and proper names which, through their daily use, had earned their place in the paperback. Words that already exist but have been given a new meaning in the context of an expression are also mentioned. We remember the 2018 edition which had its share of geek expressions. This version of 2022 is not going to be left out, and we’ll find out without further ado.

The 2022 edition: famous people, expected words and nice surprises

At the heart of this new edition of Le Petit Robert, unsurprisingly, we find the duo Confinement / Deconfinement, Coronavirus, Covid (male, contrary to the recommendations of the French Academy) or even Cluster. In addition, there is the distant or most surprising bobology – medical care for minor injuries and minor complaints. On the geek page we find our dear VPN, the Vlog (and its variations: Vlogger, Vlogger) and Demonize. Financiers will also find a term they are familiar with: Fintech. Note for gourmets: the introduction of the truffle (preparation of hash browns mixed with cantal from Auvergne) and the famous chawarma.

DIY (Do It Yourself) mixes with Bao (an Asian bread) and Blob, a unicellular organism capable of great performances. From a scientific point of view, we also find genotoxic (from a substance that can damage DNA) and biobank – for biobank. Frugality and deprivation of consumption are evidence of new social habits. Just like the terms silence (with regard to minorities) or essentializers (viewed from an essential point of view), trans-identity is not left out and gives inclusion or its opposite a place of honor. Good surprise also for fans of the Game of Thrones and Dragon Ball universes with George RR Martin and the legendary Akira Toriyama.

The list is not exhaustive, of course, but you can already find it on the Petit Robert official website or by purchasing directly a copy of the 2022 edition on sale this Wednesday May 12th!