List of materials to farm for Nahida and her signature weapon in Genshin Impact

Nahida, the Dendro Archon, is ready to be launched in Genshin Impression in just some days time. As such, gamers all over the world are busy amassing Primogems to tug for her.

Nevertheless, merely pulling the character is just not sufficient as gamers additionally want to make sure that they’ve all the mandatory ascension supplies to degree her up all the way in which to 90. Therefore, on this article, a full checklist of all of the supplies required to ascend Nahida in addition to her signature weapon has been offered intimately.

You will need to do not forget that Nahida will want a full ascension all the way in which to 90. Because of this gamers should make investments numerous assets into her. Therefore, it’s endorsed that they begin farming now itself.

Fungal Spores and Quelled Creeper are two important supplies required to ascend Nahida in Genshin Impression

Earlier than continuing any additional, it’s first vital to offer a listing of all of the supplies required to improve Nahida in Genshin Impression. They’re as follows:

  • Nagadus Emerald Silver
  • Quelled Creeper (Dendro Hypostasis)
  • Kalpalata Lotus
  • Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, Crystalline Cyst Mud
  • Mora

Thus, amongst these, Quelled Creeper can’t be obtained as of but. It’s because Dendro Hypostasis will turn out to be out there solely after the three.2 replace formally releases in Genshin Impression. In any case, the overall variety of supplies that gamers will want for each degree has been supplied beneath intimately.

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Ranges-wise supplies required to push Nahida all the way in which to degree 90

Stage 20+

  • Nagadus Emerald Silver x1
  • Kalpalata Lotus x3
  • Fungal Spores x3
  • Mora x20000

Stage 40+

  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x3
  • Quelled Creeper x2
  • Kalpalata Lotus x10
  • Fungal Spores x15
  • Mora x40000

Stage 50+

  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x6
  • Quelled Creeper x4
  • Kalpalata Lotus x20
  • Luminescent Pollen x12
  • Mora x60000

Stage 60+

  • Nagadus Emerald Chunk x3
  • Quelled Creeper x8
  • Kalpalata Lotus x30
  • Luminescent Pollen x18
  • Mora x80000

Stage 70+

  • Nagadus Emerald Chunk x6
  • Quelled Creeper x12
  • Kalpalata Lotus x45
  • Crystalline Cyst Mud x12
  • Mora x100000

Stage 80+

  • Nagadus Emerald Gemstone x6
  • Quelled Creeper x20
  • Kalpalata Lotus x60
  • Crystalline Cyst Mud x24
  • Mora x120000

Thus, amongst these, all of the supplies may be farmed in Genshin Impression straight away, aside from Quelled Creeper as talked about earlier. Subsequently, it’s endorsed that gamers get all the things else within the subsequent few days, which is fairly straightforward to perform.

The Gems may be obtained from the Terrorshroom boss in Sumeru.

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Supplies required for Nahida’s signature weapon in Genshin Impression


As already identified, Nahida is not going to come alone. Her signature weapon, A Thousand Floating Goals, may also be featured alongside her banner, and several other gamers shall be seeking to pull for a similar.

The supplies required to make sure that Nahida’s weapon may be leveled up all the way in which to 90 are as follows:

  • Oasis Backyard’s Memory x5
  • Oasis Backyard’s Kindness x14
  • Oasis Backyard’s Fact x6
  • Broken Prism x23
  • Turbid Prism x27
  • Radiant Prism x41
  • Fungal Spores x15
  • Luminescent Pollen x23
  • Crystalline Cyst Mud x27
  • Mora x225000

These supplies are presently out there within the recreation and Genshin Impression gamers can farm all of them straight away. The truth is, amassing all of those will barely take a day or two, which is certainly not very tedious.

Nevertheless, you will need to do not forget that they might want to unlock the Desert space with the intention to acquire the Prism-type materials as it’s dropped solely by the Primal Costructs.

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