List of all Genshin Impact character birthdays

Curious gamers trying to uncover the birthdays of all Genshin Influence characters ought to discover the listing offered on this article fairly useful. One good factor about this sport is that its total playable forged’s birthdates are already identified. Such a feat is helpful for 2 most important causes:

  1. It helps a personality get extra “official” and have fanart product of them on their birthday.
  2. The participant receives free rewards delivered to their account in the event that they log in on the date a personality was born.

Earlier than stepping into the playable forged’s birthdays, it is price mentioning that The Traveler might be born on no matter day the participant chooses. Except for them, all characters have a predefined birthday that would be the similar for each gamer.

The mail gamers get on every character’s date of start differs from yr to yr when it comes to each the flavour textual content and the precise free loot. Additionally, one doesn’t must personal a personality to obtain this mail. The one factor that issues is that the gamer logs in on the special occasion. Here’s a take a look at the birthdays of the title’s lovable forged.

Listed below are all Genshin Influence character birthdays

Much of the playable cast (Image via HoYoverse)
A lot of the playable forged (Picture through HoYoverse)


Diona is a notable character born in this month (Image via HoYoverse)
Diona is a notable character born on this month (Picture through HoYoverse)

The next playable characters had been born in January:

  • Thoma: January 9
  • Diona: January 18
  • Rosaria: January 24

Remember the fact that Genshin Influence doesn’t listing years for any of their character birthdays.


Poor Bennett was born on February 29 (Image via HoYoverse)
Poor Bennett was born on February 29 (Picture through HoYoverse)

Here’s a listing of February birthdays:

  • Beidou: February 14
  • Kokomi: February 22
  • Bennett: February 29

On years the place there isn’t a February 29, Bennett will merely supply his mail on February 28.


Some official art for Jean (Image via HoYoverse)
Some official artwork for Jean (Picture through HoYoverse)

Up subsequent on the March birthdates:

  • Qiqi: March 3
  • Shenhe: March 10
  • Jean: March 14
  • Noelle: March 21
  • Ayato: March 26


Fan-favorite Diluc was born in April (Image via HoYoverse)
Fan-favorite Diluc was born in April (Picture through HoYoverse)

Right here is the following listing of Genshin Influence characters and their particular days:

  • Aloy: April 4
  • Xiao: April 17
  • Yelan: April 20
  • Diluc: April 30


Fischl has had several good artworks throughout the years (Image via HoYoverse)
Fischl has had a number of good artworks all through the years (Picture through HoYoverse)

Genshin Influence gamers must also know the next dates of start:

  • Candace: Could 3
  • Collei: Could 8
  • Gorou: Could 18
  • Yun Jin: Could 21
  • Fischl: Could 27


The popular Raiden Shogun (Image via HoYoverse)
The favored Raiden Shogun (Picture through HoYoverse)

We’re virtually midway accomplished with these lists:

  • Itto: June 1
  • Paimon: June 1
  • Lisa: June 9
  • Venti: June 16
  • Yoimiya: June 21
  • Cyno: June 23
  • Raiden Shogun: June 26
  • Yae Miko: June 27

Paimon is the only real character who offers avid gamers her mail, regardless of not being playable in Genshin Influence.


A good piece of art for Hu Tao (Image via HoYoverse)
A great piece of artwork for Hu Tao (Picture through HoYoverse)

Right here is when the next Genshin Influence characters had been born:

  • Barbara: July 5
  • Kujou Sara: July 14
  • Hu Tao: July 15
  • Tartaglia: July 20
  • Heizou: July 24
  • Klee: July 27
  • Kuki Shinobu: July 28
  • Yanfei: July 28


Amber is one of the few characters born in August (Image via HoYoverse)
Amber is among the few characters born in August (Picture through HoYoverse)

This listing comprises characters born in August:

  • Amber: August 10
  • Ningguang: August 26
  • Mona: August 31


Albedo's birthday is in September (Image via HoYoverse)
Albedo’s birthday is in September (Picture through HoYoverse)

Equally, here’s a listing of characters born in September:

  • Chongyun: September 7
  • Razor: September 9
  • Albedo: September 13
  • Ayaka: September 28


Kazuha is a great character born in this month (Image via HoYoverse)
Kazuha is a superb character born on this month (Picture through HoYoverse)

Three months stay. It is a listing for October:

  • Xingqiu: October 9
  • Xinyan: October 16
  • Sayu: October 19
  • Eula: October 25
  • Nahida: October 27
  • Kazuha: October 29


The popular Xiangling (Image via HoYoverse)
The favored Xiangling (Picture through HoYoverse)

The next Genshin Influence characters had been born in November:

  • Xiangling: November 2
  • Keqing: November 20
  • Sucrose: November 26
  • Kaeya: November 30


The final month of the year (Image via HoYoverse)
The ultimate month of the yr (Picture through HoYoverse)

Lastly, listed here are the characters born in December:

  • Ganyu: December 2
  • Nilou: December 3
  • Layla: December 19
  • Dori: December 21
  • Tighnari: December 29
  • Zhongli: December 31

That is the total listing of each Genshin Influence character and their corresponding birthday.

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