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Lisbon’s old neon lights and signs are back

Lisbon’s old neon lights and signs are back

They can be seen in Marvila until March 5th. Admission is free and there are plays from different parts of the country.

The Ritz sign is on display.

You may remember an exhibition that took place in Lisbon at the Convento da Trindade in 2016, which brought together some of the Portuguese capital’s oldest (and most iconic) signs and neon lights. The aim was to preserve the graphic memory of the city, of establishments already closed and whose signs have been forgotten over time – or in dumps – losing track and the history of each space.

Four years later City Lights was added, an exhibition on the same subject that could be visited at Stolen Books in Alvalade. Now, from December to March 5th, the same project can be seen in the parking lot of Prata Riverside Village in Marvila with the Brilha Rio exhibition.

There you will find about 70 pieces. “Inspired by the name of one of the signs of this project, the exhibition ‘Brilha Rio’ is a part of the city’s history, told through trade names that for decades adorned the city’s facades and followed the lives of many passers-by,” reads the presentation.

“These are glass or plastic signs, neon signs, windbreak doors, light boxes and metal letters that were removed from the facades after the facility closed or when the decision was made to replace the old sign with fingerprints or letters with an LED system. The vast majority of these objects would have been destroyed if they had not been saved by this project,” the organization adds.

The Brilha Rio route is organized by commercial areas: hairdressers, shoe shops, clothing, restaurants, automobiles, opticians and hotels. They are pieces from the areas of Lisbon, Porto, Almada, Carcavelos, Moscavide, Silves and Vila Franca de Xira.

The exhibition can be visited from Friday to Sunday between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. It is a partnership with the P’La Arte platform. The Letreiro Galeria project is led by Paulo Barata and Rita Múrias, designers who collected these neon signs and signs while the spaces were closed – the idea is to build a collection that could one day be in a museum, but for now you do exhibitions. .

“Brilha Rio” is the title piece of the show.


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