Lisbon is hosting a dance show in the rain


“Dancing In The Rain”: Lisbon hosts a dance show in the rain

It comes straight from Russia, where it was considered the best show for three years in a row.

Rain hat is not necessary.

In films, rain scenes are often the most emotional and fan favorite. From the musical moment of “Singing in The Rain” in “Serenade to the Rain” to the kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane in the first superhero film, the rain can offer us moments that are as unique as they are varied. Now comes the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, a show that takes place entirely under artificial rain.

“Dancing in the Rain – Iskushenie” by the St. Petersburg Dance Theater is an original Russian show in which 11 dancers dance both artistically and athletically under heavy artificial rain. The show has already attracted more than three million viewers in northeast Europe, Germany and Russia, the country where it was made, and was considered the best show for three consecutive years.

During the dance moments we will be able to see different styles: classical ballet, contemporary, folk, modern jazz, hip hop, break dance, acrobatics and even moments of humor.

With a performance that was initially scheduled for Lisbon on May 18, 2020, then September 29, and finally February 4, 2021 (all postponed due to the pandemic), the Russian show will now be on October 28 with two hours demonstrate.

Tickets are now available at BOL, prices vary between € 30 and € 45. Tickets purchased on February 4, 2021 will remain valid on October 28, 2021.