Lisbon has a new 45 meter long street art mural


Lisbon has a new 45 meter long street art mural

It stands on one of the walls of the Casa Pia Atlético Clube stadium and is a creation by the Mexican Sofia Castellanos.

She is known for her diverse wall projects such as “Todos Somos Uno” in downtown Abastos, Mexico City, “Mysteries and Magic” in Bangkok and “El Sueño de la Tlanchana”. The Mexican Sofia Castellanos is already known almost all over the world and is now also leaving her mark on Portugal. The artist painted a 45 meter high mural in Lisbon. With a brush and spray can he created his latest work, which he called “La caravana de la vida” (“The caravan of life” in Portuguese).

It took about a week for one of the walls of the Casa Pia Atlético Clube stadium to come to life in shades of pink and blue. A soccer ball was also depicted on the mural as the wall is part of a sports stadium. Which also demonstrates the idea defended by the Mexican artist that “the murals belong” [aos locais] where are “. You can still see the painted monarch butterflies, which are not only a symbol of the country Sofia Castellanos was born in and which are part of most of the illustrator’s works.

“They are an important symbol of my own transformation, because butterflies are beings that will evolve throughout their lives, become the best version of them, and, despite all the adversities they may encounter, follow and ultimately be successful. Achieve everything that you set out to do, ”explained the artist Lusa.

With this new mural full of “elements that represent Mexico and Portugal”, the 29-year-old artist wants, according to Renaissance, to “inspire the people who walk past the Estrada de Monsanto”. And according to the promoter responsible for the partnership – the Mexican embassy – this initiative aims to “build a cultural bridge with Lisbon”. The idea is that after the mural by artist Sofia Castellanos has been painted, works by other artists will come up against the remaining walls of the Casa Pia Atlético Clube stadium.

But in addition to the mural, Sofia Castellanos’ work is in the exhibition “Mexico. Contemporary Creators ”presented in the Instituto Camões art gallery. Works by the artists Alejandro Pintado and Rafael Ibarra can also be seen.

Before returning to Mexico, the young artist will “make an artist residency in the Viúva Lamego tile factory, which will lead to a” lotería “(a Mexican game with some similarities to bingo) in tiles, organized by the Embassy of Mexico”.