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Lindner: Risk of false negative corona tests justified | free press

The debate on how to deal with the pandemic has been fueled. FDP boss Lindner adheres to equal treatment of tested negative, vaccinated and recovered. The experts disagree.

Ahlbeck (dpa) – In the opinion of FDP boss Christian Lindner, the risk of false negative corona tests does not justify the unequal treatment of vaccinated and negative tested people.

“It’s a responsible risk,” Lindner said on the island of Usedom. In addition to tests that don’t work, there are also vaccine breakthroughs and recoveries can become reinfected. It is about the question of which risk is responsible and what consequences it would have if people who test negative “in principle do not have access to social life, not even after, for example, a test”.

Lindner insists on equal treatment

The rising number of corona infections has revived the long-standing debate about more restrictions on unvaccinated people. According to SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, equality between those who have tested negative with those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered may not be sustained because of too many false-negative tests if the number of cases increases significantly again. This is to be expected “when people come back from vacation and meet again indoors in the fall,” he told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Lindner, on the other hand, insists on equal treatment for people who tested negative, vaccinated and recovering. You know they pose no danger to their fellows in the same way, he said in front of Ahlbeck’s pier during his summer campaign. He warned against a “subject mentality” and against indulging in disproportionate interference with one’s own freedom.


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