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Life imprisonment for attacks on ICE trains | Free press

A 44-year-old would have tried to derail ICE trains no less than four times in Germany. A court in Vienna has now sentenced the Iraqi to life imprisonment.

Vienna (dpa) – After a series of Islamic attacks on ICE trains on the Munich-Nuremberg route, a 44-year-old Iraqi was sentenced to life imprisonment in Vienna on Thursday evening.

The jury was convinced that the man was acting on behalf of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia, Austrian news agency APA reported. His wife was acquitted before the Vienna Regional Court. She denied any knowledge.

The man was found guilty of multiple attempted murder as a terrorist offense, serious property damage as a terrorist offense and membership of a terrorist group. The decisions are not final.

In 2018, the Iraqi wanted to carry out several attacks on trains on the ICE route between Munich and Nuremberg with wedges and a steel cable. He also tried to derail a train in Berlin. He failed his plan. It remained only due to the man’s technically flawed designs in case of material damage to the locomotives. Nobody was hurt.

The Iraqi who lives in Vienna as a recognized refugee has confessed to the actions. But he denied any intent to kill and any terrorist background. “He wanted to attract attention,” said his lawyer. His goal was to withdraw foreign troops from Iraq.


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