Liam Neeson plays the remake of the cult film

The famous actor from Taken could be entrusted with the lead role in a cult comedy in the late 1980s. If you can’t imagine Liam Neeson in this movie genre – the latter is known for having more “badass” roles – the new one it’s no less surprising! Seth Macfarlane and Paramount would be the origin of this fun idea. It remains to be seen whether the main party will confirm this.

A cult comedy

Is there a policeman who can save the queen? Indeed, it is this comedy – which is probably not well known to the younger generations – that will be the subject of a remake, as announced on the Inspired Traveler website. Leslie Nielsen, who died in 2010, originally played the main role. The latter, whose career took a decisive turn with the film. Is there a pilot on the plane? (1980) continued its boom in 1988 with the famous sequel.

Originally called Naked Gun, the film is an adaptation of the Police Squad television series. He is often associated with a legendary trio of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker known as the ZAZ. The latter are specialists in parody comedies and other gags of all kinds that were characteristic of the time. We owe them the following work, among other things: Is there a pilot on the plane ?, hot shots and Hamburg film sandwiches.

Liam Neeson, an original successor

During the promotion of his new feature film, The Veteran, the actor revealed the information. In his interview, he said he was the subject of a suggestion from Seth Macfarlane – the two men also worked together on Ted 2 and The Orville in particular – and from Paramount to star. According to the director behind the excellent American Dad series, Liam Neeson would be pretty consistent in this role. Indeed, the gap between his serious expression and the comical scenes would work perfectly.

We must therefore wait a while before (possibly!) Participating in this fun association. Until then, let’s hope that the health situation improves. The veteran is slated to hit theaters on February 17, 2021.

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