“Let Them All Talk”: Meryl Streep’s new film is about to make its debut in Portugal

“Let Them All Talk”: Meryl Streep’s new film is about to make its debut in Portugal

The novelty arrives at HBO Portugal this Thursday, December 10th. But the critic is not very convinced.

A comedy to liven up the days

Thursday is usually the day when new films open in theaters and the tradition promises to stay even in a time of pandemic. And in the age of streaming. This Thursday, December 10th, the film “Let Them All Talk” will debut on HBO Portugal.

Steven Soderbergh’s production is full of stars and a good reason to stay on the couch with your favorite blanket and a bucket of popcorn. This dramatic comedy – or drama with a good dose of comedy – tells the story of Alice Hughes, a famous writer played by Meryl Streep.

With great success early in her career, Alice receives an award that must go to England, and that’s where the adventure really begins. The writer takes her nephew Tyler (Lucas Hedges) and her friends Susan (Dianne Wiest) and Roberta (Candice Bergen) on board the ship Queen Mary 2.

It won’t all be easy, however, as Roberta accuses Alice of using her life story in the book that brought out and thereby ruined her. In between, Susan tries to keep the peace between her longtime friends.

To keep the trip alive, Alice’s publisher Karen (Gemma Chan) makes a shrewd attempt to make sure the author’s new book isn’t in danger of staying in the middle and that it gets delivered on time. In order to get closer, he finally tries to win Alice’s nephew as accomplices, which leads to a love situation between the two.

Despite all the luxury cast, the film receives some criticism of the argument, which is considered weak despite the unexpected ending. Soderbergh’s instruction to lead the actors is also being questioned by the critics, who say there is no connection between the characters.

The New York Times also talks about how some of the long dialogue can get boring in some parts of the narrative.

Whether you want to pass the time or check that everything the reviewer has said about the director’s new work on Ocean’s Eleven – Place Your Bets is true, this HBO premiere is well worth a look.

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