less than 7 euros to delight gamers


In order to fully enjoy your PC games, a good keyboard is essential in addition to a powerful computer. If you are looking for one that is well designed and perfectly optimized for your gaming needs, the USG Crusader Black Gaming Keyboard might be for you.

USG Crusader gaming keyboard: ergonomics and responsiveness at the rendezvous

If you expect your new keyboard to be responsive and ergonomic, then the USG Crusader gaming keyboard is sure to meet your expectations. In fact, this model is specially designed to obey you with your fingers and eyes without getting tired too quickly. Solid, you can handle it as much as you want. If you play at night, you will have no problem finding your way thanks to the illuminated buttons.

The USG Crusader gaming keyboard is a membrane keyboard. It is therefore intuitive and quiet. In order to avoid interpretation errors when pressing several keys at the same time, it was also equipped with 7 anti-ghosting keys.

This is an Azerty keyboard that you can use with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. You can connect them to your central unit via a USB 2.0 port. Note that this plug and play model has a 1.5 m cable. You can use it while avoiding getting too close to your screen.

Usually offered for 12.99 euros, the USG Crusader in the black version is now available for 6.55 euros!

When buying, be sure to take a look at this selection of games, which you can also get at knockdown prices (up to -90% off).

3 reasons to fall for this keyboard?

Its design is not lacking in originality Its backlit and anti-ghosting buttons Its ergonomics and very responsive

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