Would you like to give your machine a boost? Replacing your mechanical hard drive or SSD with an M.2 NVMe model is a very good solution. That is why we are offering you the Western Digital Blue for 500 euros at a very good price.

Western Digital Blue: a powerful and robust SSD

At Western Digital there are different areas of hard drives and SSDs. That good plan involves a 500GB M.2 NVMe Blue SSD. This provides good performance and will be especially noticeable when you start your PC and when you start your software and games. In terms of sequential read speed, this SSD can reach 2400 MB / s thanks to its technology and its 3D NAND memory. The write speed can be up to 1950 MB / s.

Power consumption will be a real ally for laptops as it only consumes 3.5W on average. On the other hand, it needs to be checked that your laptop is compatible. In order to install motherboards you need to have the specific location.

Previously displayed at 86 euros, it’s just fallen in price and it’s at 63.99 euros. And if you don’t have an M.2 NVMe port, we also have a good plan for a WD Blue SSD.

3 good reasons to crack

Power! Robustness Consumption

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