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Less than 45 euros for this M.2 512 GB SSD to boost your PC

If you want to give your PC a little boost, a simple and effective solution is to go for an M.2 SSD, as we have in this good plan in M.2 format on the condition of having a machine that is compatible with this format.

Intenso Top Performance: The solution to improve the Windows start

The Intenso Top Performance is an SSD in M2 SATA III format with a capacity of 512 GB. It’s perfect if you install Windows on it, as it saves you a lot of time at startup, but also when you start your software and games thanks to the good speeds.

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Up to 520 MB / s sequential read Up to 500 MB / s sequential write

Regarding the dimensions of this SSD, it requires 8 x 2.2 x 0.4 cm so that you can install it in a laptop with a specific slot. Be careful, sometimes you have to completely disassemble the chassis.

The price is currently 44.38 euros, on average around 70 euros. Otherwise, we got a 1TB Sabrent Rocket M.2 NVMe for a good price this morning.

Why succumb?

For the performances, for the prize, gain autonomy

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