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less than 100 euros for this NVMe M.2 gaming SSD with a capacity of 1 TB

If you want to increase the performance of your PC or laptop, there are several solutions available to you. The processor replacement, the RAM increase, but what is more obvious is the transition to NVMe M.2 SSD storage space. Thanks to this technology, your PC will get a real boost. For today, the Samsung 980 benefits from an excellent price drop, having just been announced with a capacity of 1 TB for less than 100 euros.

Samsung 980: a very powerful SSD for gaming

In addition to being a brand for smartphones, televisions, soundbars or even refrigerators, Samsung reigns supreme in the world of computers with powerful components, especially in the storage sector, with chips used by many other brands.

Coming back to the SSD 980, which currently costs 99.99 euros instead of 149.99 euros, it is an NVMe M.2 model that, with a capacity of 1 TB, offers very high speeds in all conditions:

sequential read speed: up to 3500 MB/s sequential write speed: up to 3000 MB/s

For comparison: It is 6 times faster than a conventional SATA SSD. You will feel a significant improvement in the loading time of your software and games, but also when starting Windows, which is done in just a few seconds.

The Samsung Magician software comes bundled with the SSD to update the firmware of the latter but also enable the Full Power function to carry out very important transfers and tasks.

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