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less than 10 euros for this convertible wireless induction charger

If you have a smartphone or connected watch that is compatible with wireless induction charging, here is a very good plan for the Samsung EP-N3300T. With this accessory you can charge the battery of your devices without having to connect them to a cable: practical and efficient.

Samsung EP-N3300T: double action for this charger

There are a variety of docking stations and wireless charging stations on the market, but you have to be careful not to buy just anything. There are standards that allow not to damage your smartphone or connected watch.

The Samsung EP-N3300T is an official accessory and is also QI certified, which means you don’t have to worry. With it you can charge your phone in any position, horizontally or vertically.

As mentioned, it can charge smartphones, connected watches but also headphones like the Samsung Galaxy Buds + with a power of 9W.

Very nice little feature, if you use it in your bedroom and don’t want to be disturbed by the light, the charging station has a LED light dimming function. The latter also allows you to know where the battery level is.

Launched at a price of 49.99 euros, it is currently at 29.99 euros, but you should know that it is eligible for a refund offer of 20 euros. Another Samsung product worth checking out is this 7.1.2 Dolby Soundbar for sale.

Why be tempted?

For the price QI certified Compatible smartphones, headphones, connected watches

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