Left moves with Janine Wissler and Dietmar Bartsch in federal elections | Free press


The top duo of the left for the federal election in September has been determined. Bartsch and Wissler should also represent society with different needs.

Berlin (dpa) – Janine Wissler and Dietmar Bartsch lead the left as top candidates in the upcoming federal election campaign.

The party board appointed the co-party leader and the co-leader of the parliamentary group of the Bundestag to the top duo on Monday, the German news agency heard from party circles. During lunch, both want to talk about their goals in Berlin.

Bartsch has been co-head of the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag since 2015. Coming from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the 63-year-old is an experienced party strategist, considered a pragmatist and has long campaigned for the left to take over government responsibility if majorities allow it.

Janine Wissler, 39, has been co-party leader since February and is part of the left wing of the party. The Hessian is in principle also open to her party’s participation in the government, but strictly rejects any movement from leftist positions, for example when the German armed forces are no longer deployed abroad and arms exports are stopped.

Wissler’s co-party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow said on the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg information radio on Monday that both politicians were different in life and had different political experiences, “in the Hessian state parliament, in the Bundestag, East, West”. Bartsch and Wissler thus also represented society with different needs. “There are two that go together and bring the left forward.”

The left is currently between six and eight percent in the polls. In the last election in 2017, it was cut by 9.2 percent.

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