Leaked gameplay video confuses The Mandalorian fans


While rumors of a video game related to The Mandalorian have been circulating for several months, a gameplay video has just leaked. However, fans are wondering if this is a real leak or a fake.

“Maybe I said something I shouldn’t say yet”

The soap opera based on a possible video game, adapted from the hit series The Mandalorian, keeps turning fans’ heads. Today it is the release of a strange video that raises a lot of questions. The story is not new. In early 2021, famed journalist Jason Schreier tweeted in response to the release of the now-discontinued Star Wars 1313 game: “It is much more likely that Lucasfilm will bring a number of new games to market. possibly with a game about a bounty hunter.

Later in April, an insider named Nick Baker spotted a Funko The Mandalorian character on a shelf at Phil Spencer, the Xbox store director. It didn’t take more for the rumor to gain weight. (We know that ever since Spencer teased an unofficial Xbox Series S on his shelf, lovers have been looking for the tiniest Easter eggs that could suggest a new project from near or far. If this is indeed an Arbiter character Was out of the Halo universe, Baker would be kicked out:

Yes, there will be a mando game. But apparently it’s not a Funko Mando. Maybe I said something I shouldn’t say yet. Hoping I haven’t burned my source. I have to apologize. “

Blaster hit and grapple leak

Dumplings or Inox? Today the obscure project of developing a game, The Mandolarian, seems to be cleared up. A mysterious gameplay video about the so-called game is circulating on the YouTube channel of developer Christopher Turner. For about 4 minutes, this video first reveals the game menu, in which Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, poses with the Razorcrest gear knob.

Then the gameplay in question is revealed during a game sequence in which Din Djarin attempts to escape using a blaster from an Imperial base guarded by hordes of stormtroopers. This is the opportunity to showcase Mando’s battle arsenal via a highlighted menu: flamethrower, grappling hook, infrared sight and jetpack.

Info or Inox?

Still, this video raises some questions. First of all, its duration. It seems strange that such a leak has still not been removed, and has been for several days. On the other hand, some aspects of gameplay seem boring since it’s a fan’s job. These include the movements of the Mandalorian or the target system that is viewed as relatively primary.

So, real fake or premise of a future successful TPS? Time will tell us. We now know that Warner Bros. Games and TT Games have unveiled a new trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with a Spring 2022 release for PC, PS4 and 5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

#TheMandalorian game looks wrong, still pretty decent https://t.co/oIaKQx04Uq pic.twitter.com/q574MLkiyc

August 27, 2021

The Mandalorian game that looks fake looks decent

This leak is interesting because while we all want to claim that the Star Wars: The Mandalorian footage was made by fans, there are a few factors that could suggest the game is real.

The #StarWarsGameshttps: //t.co/EdZK88VHUt pic.twitter.com/OeImYXItNf

August 27, 2021

This leak is interesting because while we all claim that the gameplay of Star Wars: The Mandalorian was made by fans, there are a few factors that could suggest that the game is real.

Fake The Mandalorian game looks decent: Earlier this week, a gameplay video of a Mandalorian game made it to YouTube. The video appears to have been shot over the shoulder, with all of the footage captured off-screen. The four-minute … https://t.co/4Zk1hL6mvx pic.twitter.com/x5Dw4es0pl

August 27, 2021

The game Fake The Mandalorian looks decent: a gameplay video of a seemingly Mandalorian game was released on YouTube earlier this week. The video appears to have been shot over the shoulder, with all of the footage captured off-screen.