League of Legends K’Sante abilities revealed

Riot Video games has lastly revealed the talents of the latest League of Legends champion, Okay’Sante. The title’s brand-new top-lane tank is ready to reach within the Summoner’s Rift by the primary week of November.

Whereas constantly being an unstoppable power in late-game teamfights, his playstyle will encourage gamers to hunt one-vs-one alternatives in lanes. Okay’Sante has the potential to be a formidable addition to any crew lineup as a powerful frontliner. Here’s a fast overview of all of his tooltips and talents in League of Legends.

Okay’Sante talents in League of Legends

K'Sante shatters his tonfas to knock down enemies with his ult (Image via Riot Games)
Okay’Sante shatters his tonfas to knock down enemies together with his ult (Picture through Riot Video games)

Passive: Dauntless Intuition

Okay’Sante’s damaging talents mark enemies who’ve been hit for a short while. Attacking a marked foe will devour the mark to deal damage-plus-max-health bodily harm.

All Out: Attacking a marked opponent causes bodily harm and extra true harm than the enemy’s most well being.

Q: Ntofo Strikes

Okay’Sante slams his weapon, dealing bodily harm in a small space round him and briefly slowing hit targets. If an enemy is struck, Okay’Sante positive factors a stack for a brief period. With two stacks, he fires a shockwave that pulls enemies.

All Out: Diminished cooldown not slows opponents hit by this potential.

W: Path Maker

Start Charging: Okay’Sante raises his weapons defensively for a short while, turning into Unstoppable and lowering incoming harm.

Launch: Okay’Sante expenses ahead, dealing a proportion of max well being bodily harm, Knocking Again, and Gorgeous enemies that he passes via for a short while based mostly on cost time.

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All Out: The harm discount is raised, the cost and sprint speeds are doubled, the cooldown of this potential is refreshed, and the Path Maker potential offers extra bodily harm based mostly on cost time.

E: Footwork

On this one, Okay’Sante is seen dashing and gaining a protect for a brief period. When dashing to an ally, the gap is considerably elevated, and they’re additionally shielded. Furthermore, you may forged different spells throughout this potential.

All Out: The sprint velocity of this potential is boosted. Speeding has a higher vary and might cross partitions on its method to a sure space.

R: All Out

A rival champion is knocked again and suffers bodily harm as Okay’Sante shatters his tonfas. When an enemy hits a wall, they endure extra bodily harm, are despatched over the wall, and are momentarily shocked. The opponent is then pursued by Okay’Sante as he goes “All Out” for an prolonged period.

All Out: Okay’sante loses a proportion of max well being, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance. The League of Legends character additionally positive factors assault harm, omnivamp, and transforms his talents.


Okay’Sante is primarily designed to be performed within the Baron lane due to his expertise, which allow him to operate as a troublesome tank/skirmisher hybrid. In duels and teamfights, the “Satisfaction of Nazumah” has a excessive harm tolerance and the flexibility to inflict hurt together with his tonfas. His League of Legends battle oath says:

“My ancestors constructed Nazumah. no god, king, or beast may conquer them, and none will conquer me.”

The Satisfaction of Nazumah will make his live-server debut in League of Legends Patch 12.2. He and his launched pores and skin, together with extra data, will doubtless be made out there for testing on the PBE within the upcoming weeks.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh