Lauterbach admits “major mistakes” and reports fees after | Free press


Citizens need to know from whom their representatives receive money. The Bundestag therefore publishes information about the extra income of the members. But one or the other is forgetful.

Berlin (dpa) – SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach has publicly failed to report additional revenue to the Bundestag.

“With a delay of 2 months, I reported the advance on the reservation fee of 12/2020 to the Bundestag,” Lauterbach wrote on Twitter Monday evening.

“My office noticed that all additional income from 2018/19, € 17,850 for 4 lectures, had not yet been declared. Big mistake, what I now face: I donate € 17,850 for India. Underneath, Lauterbach posted a donation receipt of 3,000 euros from the UN children’s fund Unicef.

The post sparked lively discussions on Twitter. Early in the morning, Lauterbach added that the money had been taxed. The receipt issued by him is only 3000 euros, because that is the upper limit for a donation. “Rest on Tuesday.”

MPs must report additional income to the Bundestag. These are then published in rough form on their Bundestag website. Annalena Baerbock, leader of the Greens, caused a sensation last week with her party’s special payments of more than 25,000 euros from previous years, which she had reported too late to the parliamentary administration. Shortly after this went public, Green MP Cem Özdemir also reported Christmas bonuses for several years from his time as party leader.

Among the Greens’ benefits to Baerbock was a corona-related special benefit, which is really only intended for employees – Baerbock as a party leader does not receive a salary from her party because she already has an income as a member of the Bundestag. Last year’s special corona payment of 1500 euros is tax-free for employees. A spokeswoman explained that the accounting department at the Greens headquarters had also booked them with Baerbock. However, Baerbock does not make use of this tax exemption. She has submitted the payment with all other tax return documents to her tax advisor. According to the information provided by the party, she has already properly taxed the special payments made in previous years.

Criticism came from representatives of other parties. “It is clear that hidden donations to top Greens politicians have been a system for years,” said CSU Secretary General Markus Blume of “Bild am Sonntag”. “Mrs. Baerbock, make it known and pay back the morally questionable Corona bonus!” SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil told the paper: “Anyone who wants to enter the Chancellery must know and follow the rules. It is not necessary for top politicians to have tax-free corona bonuses paid out. ”

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