Last winner of “The Voice Portugal” debuts with a single

Last winner of “The Voice Portugal” debuts with a single

Luís Trigacheiro presented “Meu Nome é Saudade” this Sunday, April 18th.

Luís Trigacheiro is 23 years old.

A few months after winning the last edition of The Voice Portugal, Luís Trigacheiro made his debut this Sunday April 18th with a single in his own name. It’s called “Meu Nome é Saudade” and was presented live by the musician at the last gala of “The Voice Kids”.

The theme was written by João Direitinho, Syro, Eduardo Espinho, Bruno Chaveiro and José Ganchinho. It is a song that plunges into the Alentejo universe and characterizes Luís Trigacheiro’s voice and identity.

The singer was born in Beja and is 23 years old. “I am very happy about everything I do. I can’t say I dreamed about it because it all happened to me naturally. I never thought I’d become a singer. I grew up with friends and this song is that too. It was written by good friends of mine and it’s like I’m singing it in the place where we always meet, ”says Luís Trigacheiro.

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