Last week of coalition negotiations in Saxony-Anhalt | free press


Magdeburg (DPA) – They have been negotiating for two weeks, in this third week the CDU, SPD and FDP now want to agree on a joint draft for a coalition agreement. The first black-red-yellow coalition wouldn’t be decided yet – and anyway, the three parties need to get a few chunks out of the way on the way to the draft. The plan of the CDU, SPD and FDP to form a government at a glance:


On Monday afternoon, the 18-member steering committee, consisting of top representatives from all three parties, will meet for the first time in Magdeburg. By then, a team of two authors per party should have worked out a first rough draft of the contract text based on the initial results of the negotiations so far. On Monday, the steering group wants to get an overview of the questions that still need to be clarified and tackle the first.

After the parties have followed up the meeting internally on Tuesday, the steering committee will meet again on Wednesday. The parties will meet internally again on Thursday, and the third and initially planned meeting of the group will take place on Friday. The three parties want to reach agreement on a draft contract at the latest.


Once the parties agree on a draft contract, all three of them want to send it to their members. The CDU and SPD then want the supporters to vote whether they should join the coalition. At the FDP, this decision is made at a party congress, but the base must also have the opportunity to comment on the draft. The parties plan about four weeks to interview members. Reiner Haseloff (CDU) could then be re-elected prime minister by the new coalition during the session of the state parliament on September 16.


The two most difficult controversial issues are probably the planned Corona special fund and the procurement law required by the SPD. The parties are still discussing the amount needed for the special fund with which the state wants to finance the costs of the Corona crisis. According to information from the MDR, an amount of two to three billion euros is under discussion. With the procurement law, the SPD wants to enforce that only companies that pay a certain minimum wage receive government contracts, the SPD demanded 13 euros. The CDU and FDP were initially against, but were able to accept a slimmed-down form of the SPD’s core question.

In addition to the substantive matters, the ministries and the distribution of ministerial posts are still pending, which both parties will probably clarify among themselves. So far, only Haseloff has been placed. CDU boss Sven Schulze and FDP chairman Lydia Hüskens can join the cabinet. The SPD also wants to place its two previous ministers Petra Grimm-Benne (health) and Armin Willingmann (economy) in the new state government.