It wasn’t new, the rumor had been circulating for several months and after the release of the next James Bond titled Dying Can Wait was postponed, actress Lashana Lynch, who will star in the cast of the feature, has just confirmed information from the film by paramount importance.

A big step forward for a franchise like James Bond

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress stated that for the first time in the history of James Bond it is a black woman who will play the role of MI6 agent. An unprecedented event in the franchise.

According to The Can Wait storyline, James Bond is known to be retiring at the beginning of the film. It is therefore certain that Lashana Lynch has regained the 007 title. It remains to be seen if she will have this code from the beginning to the end of the next opus, since at the moment nothing allows to know it. Maybe by the end of episode 007, Agent Nomi will …

If the rumors of a woman of color in the role of James Bond sparked a lot of talk on social networks and were not necessarily unanimous, the actress explains that she does not take this criticism personally:

I am a black woman, if that had been another black woman in the role, the same debate would have occurred, she would have had the same attacks, the same abuse.

And Lashana Lynch applauds the big step production has taken for a franchise that is quite macho and prides itself on being “part of something that is going to be very revolutionary”.

It is currently unclear who will succeed Daniel Craig after 15 years of loyal service. Dying Can Wait will hit theaters on March 31st. Barbara Broccoli, for her part, made it clear that the one who will play the next 007 in the cinema has still not been found. However, several names are circulating in the press and among fans such as Tom Hardy, Idris Elba or Henry Cavill. Perhaps production will turn to artificial intelligence to find out who will replace Daniel Craig!