Laser Distance Meter Market Industry Growth, Top Manufactures, Key Segments, and Current Trends, Future Prospect

Laser distance meter use laser beam to track the dimension of an object. A laser distance meter are primarily used to simplify the task of measurement and thereby saves considerable time. In addition, laser distance meter also help to take measurement at various angles with greater accuracy of up to +/- 1 mm. Laser distance meter are increasingly used across various applications including, finding the length of electrical wiring and furniture, carpet flooring and interior designing. Moreover, laser distance meter are also used abundantly by various solar energy solution providers for the purpose of panel installation and maintenance.

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In the past few years, laser distance meter has witnessed a lot of innovation and advancements in terms of weight, accuracy and size. There is even some high end laser distance meter such as Bosch GLR 825, Leica S910 and Fluke 424 that are fitted with additional features such as Pythagoras function, angle measurement and 4x camera zoom facilities. The global laser distance meter market is anticipated to experience a steady growth rate in the coming years owing to the rising application of laser distance meter in the construction sector for accurate and fast measurement of floor dimensions.

Rising number of floor plan applications is considered to be one of the most important factor that has contributed to the growth of the laser distance meter market. Various laser distance meter manufacturers are focusing continuously to integrate laser distance meters with office computer system on a real-time basis and has resulted in development of mobile applications which enable the users to connect laser distance meters with their tablet and smartphones. As compared to manual measurements techniques, these mobile apps help the users to record magnitude of various real world objects with better ease, speed and precision. Easy availability of such apps is expected to induce various end user segments to adopt laser distance meters, which in turn, is predicted to propel the demand such devices in the near future.

In addition, increasing inclination of consumers towards digital measuring devices for gaining accurate results is another important factors anticipated to trigger the demand of laser distance meter during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.

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Rising demand for laser distance meter along with pricing pressure from various local manufacturers is expected to intensify competition, thereby leading different organizations to develop new competitive strategies. With the integration of laser distance meters with different software applications in tablets and smartphones, various vendors can analyze the specific requirement of consumers at the macro level. This in turn, generate huge data, analyzing which different laser distance meter manufacturers can statistically analyze consumers demand and can retain their customer base.

In order to provide a detailed analysis of the global laser distance meter market, the market has been classified into application and end user. Different end user segments that majorly employs laser distance meter including professional contractors, architects and construction employees is provided in this report. In addition, various application in which laser distance meter are used extensively such as plumbing, construction and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is also incorporated within our scope of research. Furthermore, data related to current market situation along with future predicted demand trend of laser distance meter across various regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle-East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America is also furnished within this report.

Among the different end user segments, professional contractors held the largest market share in 2016 and is expected to maintain its leading position in the market throughout the forecast period. Laser distance meter are used extensively by various professional contractors in order to reduce manpower and work hour required for measurement purpose and to ensure safety of workers from accident at the time of measuring complex architectures.

Some of the major players operating the global laser distance meter market includes Bosch (Germany), Fluke (The U.S.A), Stanley Black & Decker (The U.S) and Danaher (The U.S) among others.

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