Laschet zu Maaßen: Must adhere to the delimitation of the AfD | Free press


The election of Hans-Georg Maaßen as candidate for the Bundestag in Thuringia caused a lot of excitement even at the CDU. However, the nomination has no “split potential,” emphasizes CDU boss Laschet.

Berlin (AP) – CDU chief Armin Laschet sees no potential for division in the controversial nomination of ex-constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen as a candidate for the Bundestag.

“No, I don’t see that,” said Laschet on Monday in Berlin after a hybrid meeting of the CDU presidium when asked about it. “There is no coalition, no cooperation, not even negotiations with the AfD.” The AfD is a stated political opponent of the CDU. The goal is to get it out of the parliaments. “I just expect everyone to stick to these rules that I make. Also the candidate in the Suhl / Schmalkalden constituency. “

It was “wise to formulate the CDU’s baseline in the delineation to the AfD” and to speak plain text, Laschet said. This applies to both the CDU in Thuringia and the CDU in Germany. “I assume Mr. Maaßen will abide by it too.” He has no reason to doubt it. The CDU chairman added that a people’s party had “different types of direct candidates”. The direction is crucial for the German CDU. And «the party chairman makes them available». Federal party bodies would not deal with the list in Germany’s 299 constituencies, Laschet said. According to party law, this is the task of the local levels.

Maassen was elected on Friday evening by the delegates of four CDU district associations in South Thuringia with 86 percent of the vote for an opposing candidate as candidate for the Bundestag. His South Thuringian constituency is considered sensitive to the CDU after traditional candidate Mark Hauptmann left the CDU in the course of the mask affair. Maaßen is controversial because of, among other things, his position on the refugee policy of the federal government. Politicians from the SPD, the Greens and the Left accused the CDU of fishing with measures on the right. Massive criticism also came from the ranks of the CDU and CSU.

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