Laschet wants more confidence in team in election campaign | free press


Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor-candidate Armin Laschet is looking to rely more than before on a team in the hot election campaign phase in the face of the collapse of the polls.

“We must and will show more heads and make it clear that we are a strong team,” the CDU chief was quoted on Friday as being quoted by participants in an online meeting of the trade union faction in the Bundestag in preparation for the Bundestag’s special session on Wednesday. Then the Bundestag will deal with flood relief and the Bundeswehr’s mission in Afghanistan.

At the meeting of the members of the Bundestag, after this information, the dissatisfaction with the polls and Laschet became clear. Leading representatives of the CDU also distinguished themselves strongly from the FDP.

Laschet promises profiled heads

More than five weeks before the general election on September 26, Laschet tried to take the lead in the faction. According to participants, he announced that in the coming weeks the topics would also make the prominent heads of the Union visible as a team. “While the SPD has to hide its people, we can proudly show our competent minds. Both from the federated states and from the faction’, he was quoted as saying. The breadth of the Union must become visible.

CSU leader Markus Söder said after this information in the faction meeting “unity” in the election campaign and “full support” for Laschet. Söder warned that it could be “a close race” and demanded: “We have to fight now.”

After the Union came out just ahead of the SPD in some investigations, Laschet is under pressure in the Union. This Saturday, the Union’s summit wants to herald the final phase of the federal elections on September 26 with a central kick-off event in Berlin. Speeches by Laschet, Söder and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) are expected.

Laschet wants to work out the difference with the SPD and the Greens

After this information, Laschet also made clear in the parliamentary group why the federal election was a targeted election. In the election campaign, the differences with the SPD and the Greens should be worked out. Laschet mentioned the topics of economics, finance, homeland security and foreign policy. He said in front of the MPs: “If red-green or even red-red-green were to come, the whole stability of Germany’s foreign policy would be called into question.”

After this information, the CDU chairman said that the activists were motivated and that he had experienced this. There are currently three major problems associated with popular frustration, it must be admitted: Corona, the floods and Afghanistan. With regard to Afghanistan, Laschet spoke of the “greatest debacle in NATO history,” which began when the US president announced the US was leaving. This is what the soldiers must do now.

Time is running out

Referring to groups of participants, the newspaper “Bild” reported that Düsseldorf MP Sylvia Pantel had asked Laschet to draw conclusions if the polls did not improve within two weeks. She was therefore quoted as saying, “It is better to react briefly and painfully than to perish together.”

According to information from the dpa from participants circles, Pantel faced sharp headwinds, in particular from union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) and ex-CDU boss and defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. But MPs were also told that the situation was problematic and that something had to come out of Laschet, that is how almost all MPs saw it.

Given the weak polls, top CDU politicians warned against telling the FDP in the elections at the end of September. “Anyone who votes for the FDP should know: eventually he can wake up with the SPD and the Greens,” CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak told the ARD’s “Morgenmagazin”. FDP leader Christian Lindner has not ruled out this constellation. Ziemiak also warned of a coalition of the SPD and the Greens with the left.