Laschet: are now in campaign mode | free press


Gießen (dpa) – With tips against the SPD, Greens and Left Party, Chancellor Armin Laschet has campaigned for approval in federal elections.

Their programs are “not characterized by modernization”, Laschet said in the state parliament of the Hessische Young Union in Giessen. In addition, “Tax increases endanger wealth, they tax small and medium incomes, they tax families and we are not getting the economic dynamism we need now after the pandemic.”

The CDU chairman also spoke out in favor of faster planning processes in Germany. If you want the energy transition to succeed and trains to run faster so that people fly less, “we can’t wait 20 to 25 years for such a railway to be approved,” he said during a performance in Wiesbaden. If railways were to be built and citizens’ initiatives formed, “guess which party usually leads this citizens’ initiative,” Laschet said, referring to the Greens. “It’s the same ones who tell us, ‘You have to go faster.'”

Six weeks before the federal elections, Laschet said in Giessen that everything should be fine. The Union is “now in campaign mode, we will fight and ultimately the voters will decide how things will go in Germany.” This Saturday he will open the election campaign together with CSU leader Markus Söder and Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Fighting is happening all over the state, in Bavaria and in the regional CDU associations, you can adapt to a closed union of CDU/CSU,” Laschet said.

Falling Polls

The CDU and CSU are currently battling declining polls. Your top candidate Laschet has also lost a lot of acclaim on the chancellor’s question. In the latest ZDF “Politbarometer”, 44 percent said they would rather see Scholz chancellor (plus 10), while only 21 percent (minus 8) favored Laschet. Green top candidate Annalena Baerbock was in third place with 16 percent (minus 4).

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) also campaigned in Gießen for a modernization offensive and faster digitization in Germany. This includes a “digital citizen identity” and “5G on every milk can,” Spahn said. “After these 16 years, we still have ideas, we want to lead Germany into the golden 20s.” Regarding the Greens, the SPD and the left, the CDU politician stated: “They want an education mandate, we want a government mandate, these are the main differences at stake on September 26.”

At the opening of the meeting, the state chairman of the Junge Union Hessen, Sebastian Sommer, had called on the party leadership to accelerate the election campaign. “It is time, after the vaccination turbo, to ignite the electoral campaign turbo,” said Sommer, who was confirmed as regional chairman of the Junge Union at the event. After Laschet’s performance, Sommer was satisfied. The CDU boss showed himself combative and made people want to campaign, Sommer said.