Large reduction in the Lenovo G23qc-10 31.5-inch QHD PC with a curved screen

As most gamers have noticed, flat panel displays cause picture distortion. It’s not a big deal, but for movie and video game sessions, nothing beats immersive sensations. A curved screen is best suited for this purpose. At the time of writing, the Lenovo G32qc-10 31.5-inch QHD monitor costs a maximum of 300 euros, by the way.

Lenovo G23qc: A screen with immersive power

The Lenovo G23qc-10 is a 31.5-inch curved screen for a more realistic and impressive picture. The concave shape of the screen also reduces reflections from light sources such as the lamp or window. With a resolution in QHD (2560 × 1440 pixels), you have the pleasure of enjoying a very detailed and clear picture. Lenovo’s screen also has a blue light filter to reduce eye strain.

Smooth use is also guaranteed with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms. When it comes to color, this PC monitor supports around 16.7 million colors to give you a more realistic rendering. You have no problem with the brightness of the G23qc-10 at 350 cd / m2. In addition, the differences in brightness are clearer at a contrast of 3000: 1.

The format of this curved screen is 16/9 with an equal vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 78 °. These features are best for watching movies and a video game session. With dimensions of 70.8 × 25.9 × 46.4 (L × W × H), the Lenovo display weighs 7.7 kg. In addition, the screen has Jack, HDMI and DisplayPort connections.

Now is the perfect time to purchase the Lenovo Q23qc-10 31.5-inch Curved QHD PC Monitor, which costs just € 299.99. Usually it costs around € 400, which is a reduction of around 25%. For an even more immersive video game, invest in the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700.

3 good reasons to get that curved screen?

More immersive sensations High quality, high resolution imaging (2560 pixels) High fluidity (response time: 1 millisecond – 144 Hz sampling frequency)

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