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Landlords must bear 50 percent of the CO2 price costs | Free press

There was no agreement on this for weeks. The federal government has now reached a resolution: tenants are no longer allowed to bear the cost of the CO2 price that has been in effect since January alone.

Berlin (dpa) – In the future, lessors will have to bear half of the cost of the CO2 price on oil and gas in effect since January 1. This is evident from a resolution that the federal government took on Wednesday with the amended climate protection law.

For weeks, the grand coalition had argued over fair burden-sharing between tenants and landlords and failed to reach an agreement. The Greens and SPD had spoken out in favor of relieving tenants, while the Union had argued that landlords were not responsible for tenants’ electricity and heat consumption.

The partial relief for tenants, first reported by the “Mirror,” is part of a cabinet resolution passed by the federal government on Wednesday along with the amended federal climate protection law. In it, the federal government commits to making an additional 8 billion euros available to finance further climate protection measures. Standards are also being raised for new construction projects to create further incentives for climate-friendly solutions in the construction sector.

The plan also includes an investment pact with industry for “climate-friendly production in Germany”, which promotes the use of hydrogen for power generation and makes greater use of the potential of natural CO2 sinks. In addition, the cabinet wants to investigate whether climate-damaging subsidies can be omitted to finance part of the projects.

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