Lambrecht calls for more freedom for those who have been vaccinated | Free press


Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht wants to lift the restrictions for vaccinated people without risk of infection and suggests that other regulations could be introduced for vaccines.

Berlin (dpa) – Those who have been vaccinated against Corona and are no longer contagious should be given more freedom again, according to Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD).

“People who have been vaccinated who can be shown not to pose a threat to others should return to normal,” Lambrecht told Funke media group newspapers.

“There is no longer any justification for limiting their fundamental rights. That is why we have to lift the restrictions on the fundamental rights for vaccinees, ”said Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht.

Lambrecht indicated that there may be different rules for the different vaccines. “The basic rights restriction can be lifted for those vaccines where it has been proven that there is no longer any risk of infection that would justify this restriction,” said the SPD politician. Scientists should say which vaccination has which effect. If there is still a risk of infection from the vaccinated person, the restrictions cannot be lifted.

The Minister of Justice is calling for the rules to be implemented quickly. In terms of privileges, she mentioned, for example, the lifting of visitor bans. However, the SPD politician considers mandatory masks justified for vaccinated people. “For example, I think it is reasonable to wear a mask even as a vaccinated person – also in view of the enforceability of such commands.” Lambrecht pointed out that the fight against a potentially deadly disease is still at stake. “I also feel personally obliged to protect citizens from infection and our health system from overload.”

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