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“La Casa de Papel” will have a South Korean version

Stop Everything: La Casa de Papel will have a South Korean version on Netflix

The platform confirmed that the Spanish hit will have an Asian version slated to start production in 2021.

The original version is a real success.

2020 continues to surprise us. The latest news from the Netflix universe is that La Casa de Papel, the Spanish production that was a huge hit, will have a new version from South Korea.

The final season of the original series, shot in Portugal, will premiere next year. It will also be in 2021 that Asian customization should start to be rotated.

There will be 12 episodes in South Korea directed by Kim Hong-sun. The project will be a collaboration between Korean producers BH Entertainment and Contents Zium.

Hollywood Reporter Magazine news shows that the new version will be a way, according to Netflix, to “breathe new life into the familiar story and bring the production to a global audience.” The creator, Álex Pina, also made a statement on the subject.

“Korean creators have been developing their own audiovisual language and culture for years. Like our series, they managed to break through cultural barriers and become references for thousands of viewers around the world, especially the younger audience, ”he said.

“That’s why I find it fascinating that the world of ‘La Casa de Papel’ is so attractive to Korean creators that they adapt. The fact that the action is taking place on the Korean peninsula also makes me very excited, ”he added. The fourth season of “La Casa de Papel” had 65 million views in the first four weeks since its debut in April.


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