“La Casa de Papel”: Which locations in Portugal will appear in the new season?

“La Casa de Papel”: Which locations in Portugal will appear in the new season?

It will debut on Netflix on Friday September 3rd. There were recordings in the greater Lisbon area – NiT tells you everything that is already known.

Tokyo was at the Elevador da Bica.

In July 2020, the American magazine “Entertainment Weekly” announced that the fifth season of “La Casa de Papel” would be the last. He also announced another big news: part of the season will be recorded in Portugal.

More than a year later, we are only a few days away from the premiere. The Spanish series returns to Netflix on Friday September 3rd, but the final season will be split into two parts with five episodes. The first five debuts this Friday, the remaining chapters arrive on the streaming platform on December 3rd.

NiT can assure you that the first few episodes will already contain scenes that are set in Portugal. As suspected, given the footage our magazine took while filming the series last summer, it’s an old flashback from Tokyo (when he still wore his fringed hair).

In other words, all of the scenes recorded in Portugal will have played before Tokyo joined the professor’s group. One of the new cast members (and the star of “Sky Rojo”), Miguel Ángel Silvestre, plays an old friend with whom he previously committed robberies. In the greater Lisbon area you will experience intense moments of passion.

: Úrsula Corberó and Miguel Ángel Silvestre are filming the fifth and final season of LCDP in Lisbon, Portugal today. pic.twitter.com/dQ1SEHGC66

– Úrsula CORBERÓ Updates (@ucorberoupdates) September 1, 2020

Last year it was filmed at the Elevador da Bica, a replica of the Santos Populares Party in Bairro Alto, and also on the Margem Sul do Tejo in the Almada area. There were recordings in the Ponto Final restaurant, in Cacilhas and other places this side of the river.

We also know that Arturito will be referring to Cristiano Ronaldo in season five.

Portuguese music in “La Casa de Papel”?

It is not the first time that Portuguese music can be heard in “La Casa de Papel”. In 2018, Piedade Fernandes’ “Fado Boémio” could be heard in the first seasons. Well, maybe last season there will be a special moment in national music – at least that’s what Fado singer and singer Buba Espinho suggested.

In a conversation with NiT, the artist explained her experience of meeting Ursula Corberó, the actress who plays Tokyo, last year. Corberó attended a show by him and Luís Trigacheiro at the embassy in Príncipe Real and finally exchanged a few words with both of them.

“We went in to sing and stood in the front row across from Ursula. At first I thought we were going to be robbed [risos]. “The 31-year-old Spanish actress wore a mask, but Buba Espinho says she is” unrecognizable “. “We couldn’t react the way we wanted, we were already playing on stage, it just looked down and started singing. She had hair like the figure. “

Buba Espinho explains that, given the situation at the time, it was a quick encounter with some distance. “It was after the first detention. Close contact was almost impossible, we could only talk to Mask, she was on recordings and couldn’t get infected because it would be a risk for the series. We only talked a little, but not a lot, also given the situation we were going through at the time. Still, it was a very funny moment. “

The musician guarantees that Úrsula Corberó “enjoyed his concert very much”. “She says that she really likes Portugal and Portuguese music. That he liked Fado very much – and in this show he could hear Fado as well as the singing from the Alentejo, which he liked very much. And he says he comes to Portugal whenever he can. She liked the show very much, congratulated us and we also gave it to her because we are fans of her work and of ‘La Casa de Papel’. “

And he adds, “I’m very curious to see it. I liked the show a lot, but of course now it will have this more personal side because I kind of followed it while they were here. I’ve also heard about a few more things that are going to happen on the show. It will add great value to our country, our music and our people. I still know something, but I can’t tell [risos]. But it has to do with Portuguese music, that’s sure to be good. “

Does that mean that the last season of “La Casa de Papel” will feature Portuguese music? “I think so, let’s see, I can’t go on, but I know there will be a really cool moment.” Buba Espinho assures that he is not involved.

Find out which questions “La Casa de Papel” has to answer in its final season. And click on the gallery to see photos of the shots in the center of Lisbon.

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