Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is given guided tours


Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is given guided tours

This new exhibition will be shown in Washington, USA, where the Nirvana singer grew up.

It will be a tribute to the singer.

Aberdeen in Washington, USA, is getting a new tourist attraction. It’s not an amusement park or a lodge, but the house where Kurt Cobain grew up and lived until he was 16.

The plans by Lee Bacon, who has owned the house since 2018, have already been approved by the Department of Archeology and Historical Preservation. The place becomes a historic landmark considering the legacy of the musician who founded Nirvana.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lee Bacon reveals that the house has already been 90 to 95 percent renovated, as it has been remodeled in such a way that it best remembers the time when Cobain lived there between 1968 and 1984 .

Although local laws prevent the house from becoming a permanent museum, the current owner plans to organize several private tours as early as next spring: “Our goal is to make the house a homage to Kurt’s early life and career”, said Lee Bacon.

Kurt Cobain lived here for 16 years.

The exhibition is not only being organized by Lee Bacon, Kurt’s sister will also play an important role in the new Haus-Museum: “I am happy to be involved and do my part. I’m really happy that Lee and Dani took care of it three years ago, ”says Kim Cobain.

Little is known about what we can find there, but the owner has already revealed that there will be a plaque at the entrance to the house with the most important information about the Nirvana singer’s career and life: “We have to write something for someone who would like to learn more about Kurt in the future. We want it to be for those who don’t know who he was and what contributions he made. “

The Cobain house was sold to Lee Bacon in 2018 for $ 225,000.