Kretschmer advises the CDU of Saxony-Anhalt to increase the license fee for radio | Free press

While the discussion about the higher temp compensation in the CDU of Saxony-Anhalt continues, demands are now being made from the neighboring country.

Dresden (dpa) – In the coalition dispute in Saxony-Anhalt over the increase in the license fee for radio, Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) advised his CDU party friends to agree. “It would not be a good signal if the state treaty failed,” Kretschmer told the RND.

The increase in the contribution by 86 cents is justified, Kretschmer explains. It is also a civil responsibility that every Member of Parliament in Saxony-Anhalt has. “Public broadcasting is an island of reliability, especially in times of fake news.” The contribution is also calculated by an independent committee. “All countries have decided this to avoid a chaotic procedure. Therefore, one can only wish that the increase in Saxony-Anhalt is also supported. “

The Magdeburg government alliance of the CDU, SPD and Greens has committed itself in the coalition agreement to the stability of the temporary agency work allowance. However, the SPD and the Greens want to support an increase, the CDU does not, as does the AfD. In order for the increase approved by the prime minister to take effect, all state parliaments must agree. Saxony-Anhalt is considered the only wobbly candidate.

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