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Less than 60 days after his election victory, the Groene Kretschmann is again crowned head of government. With the CDU, he wants to make Baden-Württemberg the “leading climate protection state”.

Stuttgart (AP) – The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, begins his third term with a green-black coalition. The 72-year-old green politician was re-elected to the Stuttgart parliament on Wednesday with 95 out of 152 votes.

Kretschmann’s green-black coalition has exactly 100 members. 55 MPs voted against, two MPs voted for others and there were no abstentions. The Greens and CDU applauded the head of government for about a minute while standing. Kretschmann accepted the election and declined the trust placed in him.

Exactly ten years ago today, Kretschmann first became head of government in the Southwest, breaking the CDU’s 58-year dominance. If the Greens held out until the end of the election period, he would have ruled longer than any prime minister.

After his election, the ministers of the new state government must be sworn in. The first cabinet meeting is then scheduled. Kretschmann and Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) signed the coalition agreement on Tuesday afternoon. Due to the bad checkout situation, almost all projects are subject to a budget reservation.

Next Wednesday also comes the result of the tax estimate for the federal, state and local governments. However, it will take a few more days for the numbers to be downgraded to Baden-Württemberg. For the new Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz, who until recently sat in the Bundestag on behalf of the Greens, the real work begins. The 37-year-old must gauge within the coalition on which priorities the scarce money should be spent.

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