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Mask business, a cowardly CSU boss and a boisterous candidate for chancellor: the SPD is attacking the Union sharply at its party congress. Secretary General Klingbeil promises to catch up in the election campaign.

Berlin (dpa) – The SPD has started its party conference in Berlin with violent attacks on the Union.

“A union whose top managers are called Karliczek, Altmaier and Scheuer, such a union should not be in the government,” Secretary General Lars Klingbeil said in Berlin in view of the union minister. 600 deputies connected online had to decide on the federal election program in the early afternoon and confirm Treasury Secretary Olaf Scholz as a candidate for chancellor.

The Union is plagued every week by new mask issues and is characterized by brutal power struggles. In the end, CSU boss Markus Söder was too cowardly to become chancellor. Armin Laschet is a hare-footed CDU lead candidate and as a candidate for chancellor, he is really only concerned with the time after his defeat.

“This union has been broken and its content is empty, and it is good for Germany if these conservatives no longer bear any responsibility,” said Klingbeil. “It takes experience, it takes leadership, it takes competence, it takes strength, it takes Olaf Scholz for Germany.” Considering the poll’s poor results for the SPD compared to the Greens and the Union, he said, “Today is the first day of our catch-up to federal elections.”

Scholz stands for four core goals: “A climate-neutral country by 2045 at the latest, the most modern mobility system in Europe, digital sovereignty and a nationally strong health system in Germany.” Klingbeil indirectly promised a different political style than under Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU): “It takes a political cultural change, don’t sit back, don’t be complacent, don’t be moderate, but lead.”

The SPD party manager pointed out that 80 of the SPD’s direct candidates for the Bundestag were under the age of 35. “Younger, more colorful, more feminine – these are not just empty expressions for us.”

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