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Kim Cattral back as Samantha? Sarah Jessica Parker commented on the hypothesis

Sarah Jessica Parker raises the possibility of Kim Cattral returning as Samantha

The Sex and the City actress also opened up about the potential conversation between the two characters at the end of season one.

Fan feelings about the Sex and the City sequel are mixed. There are those who loved revisiting the characters and those who find And Just Like That a reboot of dubious quality. However, there is agreement on one point: the character Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, is missing.

In an interview with Variety, Sarah Jessica Parker was asked about the possibility of Cattrall returning to the cast for a role should there be a second season. The answer will not please the fans very much. “We didn’t take Kim on this adventure. After the third film didn’t materialize, the studio couldn’t deliver what she wanted, so we had to listen to her and see what was important to her. And what she liked didn’t match what was important or necessary to us.”

“I have not taken part in discussions or read articles, although people are usually informed about what is being said and written on the subject. I do not think so [há hipóteses de regressar]because sharing feelings goes in that direction on her part who chose to do so.”

Not wanting to give fans any more hope, SJP added, “There’s a very clear line between Samantha and Kim. Samantha is not gone. Is present [na história], and I think his physical absence was treated with great respect and grace. She wasn’t treated like a villain. She was a person who had feelings for a relationship, and I think we found a way to approach that in a way that was necessary and important to people who loved the character.”

“But we also realized that there are many new voices that could be meaningful to Carrie. I think that [numa possível segunda temporada] we would continue as before.”

Sarah Jessica Parker was also asked if she knew how the mock conversation between Carrie and Samantha at the end of the first season would have gone. “A friendship, as long as it has hers, is really valuable. Carrie experienced a devastating event that changed her life, and it also changed the way she thinks about how she loves and who she loves. And it’s worth saving friendships. But it’s like she says at the beginning of the season: she tried to talk to Samantha, who didn’t feel prepared at that moment. (…) I think it was a quiet conversation between adults. And that allowed both of them to feel comfortable,” he concluded.


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