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KFC offers cute characters for the Chinese New Year!

The Pokémon Compagny is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! And everyone who, like me, played Pokémon Red and Blue when it was first released grew old instantly. This year, the brand, which is owned by Nintendo, will be offering a lot of things. Including a song in partnership with Katty Perry. Yes / Yes.

KFC: From Chicken to Pokémon!

But the collaboration we’re interested in today is that between The Pokémon Compagny and the American roast chicken giant KFC, who just announced a bunch of new numbers for the Chinese New Year that are available converted to Happy Meals from the sign. KFC was talked about recently when a real game console was announced in partnership with Intel.

Pokémon is the ultimate derivative franchise. The one who sells the most derivative products in the world. With KFC, and only if you are in China during this time, you can add great Pikachu and Squirtle figurines to your collection, but also a music box and lullaby from Rondoudou!

The KFC China x Pokémon toy promotion is back for the Chinese New Year.

Starting January 22nd there will be a range of toys + Pikachu music box with meals. pic.twitter.com/LOMQlHkoPv

January 22, 2021

Lots of Pokémon content in 2021

As we told you before, 2021 will be one of the most important years for the Pokémon franchise. After recent disappointments with Pokémon Sword and Shield that didn’t really excite fans, Pokémon seems to be making a big homecoming with the release of many announced remakes before the next game slated to be released this year. . There are suspicions of a return or continuation of the Pokémon Coliseum.

For example, we can cite the fourth generation remakes that were teased with the return of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. We can also present the remake of Pokémon Snap, the game that invites you to take photos of Pokémon on a giant safari scheduled for late April. Suffice it to say that the nostalgic fiber will vibrate many times this year 2021!


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